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Bridezilla Sues Florist

05 Feb

Bridezilla Sues FloristLawyers are more than aware of frivolous lawsuits, or even better, dumb lawsuits filed by ignorant people. This lawsuit combines the best of both worlds.

When you take a woman from New York who happens to be a lawyer and throw in a wedding, out comes Bridezilla! Elana Glatt decided to sue her florist after they did not furnish the anticipated flower arrangements for her wedding.

The flowers were prepared by a Manhattan Floral Company for the amount of roughly $27,000. Elana is suing for $400,000 claiming breach of contract! Taking into consideration reasonable restitution and damages, where in the h@ll did she come up with this number?

All said in done, the real victim in this story is the poor man Elana married.

Source: MSNBC

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