Dumb Lawsuit – Defining “Public Domain”

31 Jul

Dumb Lawsuit Defining Public DomainBlogs are powerful weapons, especially when you infringe copyright on… yourself. You would assume that the due process of law wouldn’t allow this to happen. Then again, we’ve all been told what assuming makes you and I both look like.

Anthony Curtis, the owner of a Las Vegas blog, is being sued for using material from a Righthaven news source in his online journal. The most entertaining twist of this entire situation? The material Anthony “stole” was his own.

Mr. Curtis created a survey for Las Vegas,  sharing said information with Righthaven and their newspaper. He was then sued for using portions of his own work from the article he contributed to. Critics of the foolhardy lawsuit have agreed that public domain should apply, but that isn’t changing the plaintiff’s mind.

Source: TheBlogLawBlog

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