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Paraplegic Man Sues retail stores for not letting him enter

25 Mar

 A paraplegic man in California is suing two retail department stores in a mall after they refused to let him inside the stores on his service animal – which was actually a small horse.

The horse, 29 inches tall, is used to pull the paraplegic mans wheelchair,  the man  is seeking U.S. $ 4,000 for each company. Sounds like he needs a top up to his bank balance.

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Your Right to Wear a Thong in Public

19 Mar

Well you have to fight for your right to wear a loin cloth in public these days, and that's just what Will Walters is doing. The 30-year-old gay man has sued the city of San Diego and some of its police officers, accusing them of violating his scantily clad civil rights.
Will Walters was arrested on suspicion of public nudity while at the city's July 2011 LGBT Pride Festival. Local law enforcement clearly didn't understand that a "gladiator type kilt over black underwear" is de rigueur for such events.
But Will Walters did, which is why his attorney contends he "invested a significant sum of money in his leather gear and took special care to ensure that he was compliant with the rules for the event." The skimpy loin cloth, much like lingerie as shown in photos posted by LA Weekly, covers just the right amount of skin.
Eitherway, he was arrested — an action he claims violated his Fourth Amendment rights. If his clothing really did conceal all of his legally designated naughty bits, then officers had no probable cause to put him in cuffs.
And then there's the accusation that the San Diego Police Department subjectively enforces the law. Walters argues that women are allowed to parade around in G-strings and thongs without much of a second glance. How come they can violate the city's public nudity law but gay men can't?
With most police officers being men, one could only guess that cops are far less interested in the possibility of seeing Will Walters' butt.  Maybe a Dirty Confession is more appropriate
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NASCAR Discrimination Lawsuit Laps Around Disclosure

03 Nov

Nascar Discrimination Lawsuit Laps Around DisclosureWhat happens when you combine redneck technicians, sexual discrimination and racial slurs? Either another episode of South Park or, and least preferably, a lawsuit that ends in crying shame. This one is a bit older, but it’s a little gold nugget that shouldn’t be missed.

Back in 2007, ESPN Sports reports NASCAR settled a lawsuit for 25 million. Why? A woman named Mauricia Grant was not only sexually harassed but subjected to racial slurs and lewd behavior as a technical inspector in NASCAR’s ring. The insults went from “Nappy Head Mo” to “Queen Sheba” by her wonderful co-workers. Apparently, there was even a designated “color people” time.

Initially, NASCAR inspected the issue and promptly fired two employees. The fun doesn’t end there, though. Accusations continued to fly,  NASCAR’s own Brian Grant defended his business, ensuring this was never to happen. Grant denied these claims, asserting that she’d climbed the chain of command with no results.

Now, while this is just a plain lawsuit with a few dashes of fame thrown on top, it takes a bizarre twist at the end. Grant, while winning a settlement for a large sum of cash (to pay off all those tears of course) received a phone call. She was contacted by human resources at NASCAR, then fired not long after. The kicker? NASCAR is not disclosing why Grant was fired at all.

Michael Vick vs. One Angry Prisoner

30 Aug

Michael Vick vs One Angry PrisonerThis is a real complaint and “law suit” filed by one prisoner of South Carolina. It’s actually so ridiculous, I had a hard time believing it to be true. But this just takes the cake and is easily one of the most fascinatingly ridiculous claims I’ve ever read in my life. Enough of the bantering, let’s take a look at ‘Riches vs Vick’.

According to Above The Law, plaintiff Jonathan Riches has been increasingly irritated by Micheal Vick (yes, the football player). In fact, Mr. Riches, while in prison, was able to determine that Micheal Vick has “pledged allegiance to the Al-Qaeda”, “is in the steroid business”, “subjected him to microwave testing” and even “uses drugs in school zones”. Of course all of this hadn’t take place before the stay at prison, but according to Riches, these things had identity theft (of Riches), illegal dog fighting, extortion, racketeering and tax fraud. (more…)

Dumb Lawsuit – Defining “Public Domain”

31 Jul

Dumb Lawsuit Defining Public DomainBlogs are powerful weapons, especially when you infringe copyright on… yourself. You would assume that the due process of law wouldn’t allow this to happen. Then again, we’ve all been told what assuming makes you and I both look like.

Anthony Curtis, the owner of a Las Vegas blog, is being sued for using material from a Righthaven news source in his online journal. The most entertaining twist of this entire situation? The material Anthony “stole” was his own.

Mr. Curtis created a survey for Las Vegas,  sharing said information with Righthaven and their newspaper. He was then sued for using portions of his own work from the article he contributed to. Critics of the foolhardy lawsuit have agreed that public domain should apply, but that isn’t changing the plaintiff’s mind.

Source: TheBlogLawBlog

Weird Dumb Stupid Funny Lawsuit Conglomerate

24 May

Weird Dumb Stupid Funny Lawsuit ConglomerateThe world and the people in it are becoming dumber every day. Although we are surrounded by idiots, there are a handful of frivolous savants that put the human race to shame.

For example, a woman playing golf hit the ball into railroad tracks only to find the ball crashing back in her face. Horrible coincidence right? The courts didn’t think so and awarded her $40,000.

How about a $2 million dollar paint job? A guy bought a BMW only to find out it had been repainted prior to his purchase due to damage from acid rain. His reward… $2,004,000.

A Swedish man donated his sperm to a lesbian couple so they could start a family. However, the same sex relationship did not last and one of the woman ended up suing the biological father for child support. She won and now this generous sperm donor is coughing up over $3,000 a year.

Ever walked by a vending machine and had it fall on you? This does not happen by chance. A teen was trying to steal a soda and his struggle to save a buck ended up costing him his life when the soda machine fell on top of him. His family sued Coca Cola for over a half million, blaming the company for not securing their machines and posting signs.

And the finale… a man turned gay after being rear-ended. No really, this guy got into a rear-end collision. Several years later, the man left his wife and started to frequent gay bars. Claiming the rear-end collision changed his personality (obviously more than that), this newly established gay man was awarded $200,000. His wife… she was awarded $25,000.


Poopy Situation Leads to Dumb Lawsuit

21 Mar

Poopy Situation Leads to Dumb LawsuitA woman visiting the Maritime Aquarium with her family sued the city of Norwalk after her toddler stepped in dog poop just outside the Maritime garage.

The woman tried to recoup her lost day and a new pair of shoes in the amount of $100. Who spends that kind of money on kids shoes?

Luckily, Norwalk officials denied the woman’s claims and she will be forced to hose the shoes off just like the rest of us common folk.

Source: Planetizen

Boy Electrocuted = Mom Sues = Dumb Lawsuit

21 Mar

Boy Electrocuted Mom Sues Dumb LawsuitA teenager is electrocuted after a bet with friends “made him” climb a 35 foot electrical pole. After nearly 20,000 volts of electricity were sent through his body, his mother is now suing the electric company.

Apparently, a 30+ foot pole and the sight of electrical wires is not enough. Instead, according to this kid’s mom, the area should have been fenced off, signs should have been posted, and the tower should have been designed in a way to deter climbing.

This may be a weird concept for some parents but maybe, just maybe, this kid should have been raised with some common sense.

Source: Michelle Malkin

American Express Sued by Koss

24 Feb

American Express Sued by KossThe Vice President of Finance for Koss embezzled over $30 million and now someone has to pay. Koss is suing American Express for failing to uphold the Bank Secrecy Act under the premise AmEx did not immediately report the suspicious activity.

Since 2008, Sue Sachdeva embezzled money from Koss to pay for a life of luxury. She spent excessively on expensive clothing, exotic furs, shoes, and the finest jewelry. Sachdeva even paid her bills using Koss accounts. (more…)

Bridezilla Sues Florist

05 Feb

Bridezilla Sues FloristLawyers are more than aware of frivolous lawsuits, or even better, dumb lawsuits filed by ignorant people. This lawsuit combines the best of both worlds.

When you take a woman from New York who happens to be a lawyer and throw in a wedding, out comes Bridezilla! Elana Glatt decided to sue her florist after they did not furnish the anticipated flower arrangements for her wedding.

The flowers were prepared by a Manhattan Floral Company for the amount of roughly $27,000. Elana is suing for $400,000 claiming breach of contract! Taking into consideration reasonable restitution and damages, where in the h@ll did she come up with this number?

All said in done, the real victim in this story is the poor man Elana married.

Source: MSNBC

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